Washer Repair GTA


We service all types, models and brands of washing machines. At Top Choice Repair we have experience in all of the different type of problems that you can experience when it comes to your washer not working. One of the most common problems with broken washers is that it wont turn, which means that your clothes come out of the machine soaked. A defective lid switch, a broken belt or a problem with the engine are the most likely causes of this problem.

When you experience one of these or other problems with your washing mahine contact us and one of our experienced appliance repair technicians will be able to help you.

We go through all of the diagnosis procedures fully to make sure that there is no step left. Including to check that there are no clothes inside the washer, clogging one of the hoses causing the machine to jam. An unbalanced load can also cause the washing machine to not run properly, which can lead to further damage.

It is important to get a qualified well-experience technician to check your washer before you increase the chances of it being damaged more, which can lead to a higher repair cost, or even an unreapairable washer. Our technicians are licenced and experts in all washing machine problems. We serve the entire Southern Ontario and are ready to help you solve all of your washer problems today.

If you have a problem with an unbalanced load which may cause the machine to shake, or make noise, try moving the load. If that doesnt work, there could be another problem which we can diagnose on the same day you call. We fix your washer before breaks. A repair service for the washing machine must be set up on or close to the same day you notice there is a problem and before you use the washer again. Contact us today if you want your appliance fixed.

We fix and replace any broken part of the washing machine. Your washer and other appliances play an important role in your overall comfort and lifestyle. They perform a variety of tedious tasks which also save you alot of time and money.

These tasks include wanshing your clothes. Appliance problems can cause a whole lot of problems. It is easy to forget how much work our washing machines do for us until it becomes clear that they are broken. Don’t let a broken appliances destroy your life 😔. Book A Service now!

Top Choice Repair in GTA specializes in washer repair and maintenance of your commercial/residential appliance of any brands or model. We repair all issues of the washer in GTA such as washer is not turning on/off, the washer stops mid-cycle, the washer is not draining properly, washer makes noise, the washer is leaking and more. We understand how inconvenient is without a well-functioning washer and we can repair it same day without extra charges.

Our highly trained staff and technicians will assist you to repair your commercial and residential washer immediately. We are authorized washer repair service provider o all major brands including Admiral, Amana, GE, Viking, Thermador, Inglis, Sub-Zero, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Dacor, Maytag and more.

We have maintained our strong reputation among our customers by providing them quick, reliable and satisfactory washer repair services. If your commercial or residential washer is having any problem, call us anytime. Our highly skilled technicians are always available in GTA and surrounding areas to repair your washer soon.

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