One of the main problems your LG Fridge or Freezer is a broken condenser fan, compressor or capacitor coil.
Have you observed that the temperature of your refrigerator isn’t as cool because it used to be? Maybe it has stopped cooling completely, or perhaps it would not cool in any way since the refrigerator is warm.

A build-up of dirt on the condenser coil makes the refrigerator less and less efficient and forces it to use more energy to cool down. When dirt accumulates on the coil, the fridge becomes less efficient, which means that the refrigerator is working harder. The more difficult it is to cool and the more often it cools, the less efficient it becomes.

A dirty coil makes the refrigerator motor work harder to keep it cool, which can lead to overheating and breaking. The condenser, fan, or motor may be faulty, and if it doesn’t work, it can prevent the freezer or fridge from getting cold enough. There may be something on the condenser fan, or clogged coils to make the refrigerator not cold enough.

If your refrigerator won’t cool, here are some of the most common refrigerator problems to help you determine whether or not you need Refrigerator Repair Service. If you are currently searching what could be wrong with your refrigerator and how to fix it, look no further, this post will help you find out what is inside the refrigerator how it cools your food while it is still running.

Although if you still haven’t found the cause of your fridge not cooling, don’t worry. When your fridge is not cool. Top Choice Repair has all of the resources needed to fix broken refrigerators. There are some other problems when your Samsung Fridge cannot cool. The condenser fan is usually located on the front of the refrigerator, next to the refrigerator’s compressor, it should also be somewhere beside to the condenser coils. If your fridge is not cooling properly but the freezer seems fine, there may be a faulty evaporator fan. If your freezer is fine and your fridge is still too warm, the fault is most likely with the evaporators or the fan motor.

A fan or motor is the part of the circulating air in the refrigerator compartment that is located between the condenser fan and the heat exchanger in front of your refrigerator next to the air conditioning system. If the fans or motors are not working, you can have a Certified Appliance Repair Technician from Top Choice Repair take a look. The coil can at times be not clean and the section does not cool, the evaporator, fan, or motor can fail even if the refrigerator is not cool enough. If your refrigerator’s compressor is running but not cooling, this is a sign that the air compressor coil or air conditioning fan motor needs to be repaired or replaced.

The problem may not have been fixed if all other parts are replaced, you may need to repair or replace the cooling system or even the entire air conditioning system. If you have a replacement condenser in your refrigerator, make sure nothing falls into the refrigerator that blocks the passage between the freezer and the fridge. If any part of the refrigerator’s cooling system fails, ice may have built up in the refrigerator, making it difficult to store any of your food items. Make sure that no ice build up blocks the air flow to the appliance, otherwise the air flow can be blocked.

If the air flow is blocked then the vents can fill with ice, which can block airflow, meaning a fridge won’t cool down. Your refrigerator will barely stop working, and if the coil is frozen, air flow to the coil may be restricted, preventing the refrigerator from cooling. If your refrigerator has a digital temperature scale or control setting, the reason your fridge won’t even cool down is because of an incorrect temperature setting if the compressor is running.

When the fan is running but the refrigerator is not cold, a defective compressor may be the problem. This could mean your fridge’s motor was not cooling properly, or it could be a sign that there is an airflow problem because the freezer is too cold or not cold enough to run. A fridge that is not refrigerated may have a dirty or damaged seal. If it does then cold air leaks out. A common part of this malfunction is that the problem may be related to a fridge mechanism that is not working as designed. Your refrigerator is warm because the refrigerator mechanism is not working as intended. Contact our expert Refrigerator Repair Service Technicians Today.